Personal Preferences Coat of Arms Presentation/Mes Armoirires Personnelles


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Great September back to school activity to get your FSL students writing and/or speaking about themselves to allow you to assess their general level of French, as well as to get to know them as individuals. This assignment is scaffolded and can be used in grades 6+ in Core French or junior grades and higher for extended or immersion students. It is also a FULLY EDITABLE Word document, so you can make adjustments, for your own classroom use, to best suit your students' needs and your teaching preferences.

Students create a personal coat of arms based on their likes and preferences, and write a sentence about what each graphic represents. It includes opportunities for them to write about their friends, music, favourite foods and hobbies. Students will present their coat of arms to the class, giving the teacher a chance to assess their oral competency as well.

Teaching Notes, suggested timing, recommendations for oral practice and a sample rubric are all included but completely editable for your own class' needs. Updated to contain an assessment checklist that corresponds to "I can" statements & Ontario's current FSL curriculum.

Mme Aiello
Teaching FSL

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