V. Libre, Enfin!


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V. Libre, Enfin!
Dialogues :
1. Les vacances de Noël.
2. Le Carnaval de Québec.
3. Le Congé de mars
This series includes exercises on singular, plural of words, idioms with avoir, definite and indefinite articles, choice of verbs, demonstrative adjectives, prepositions and more.
These dialogues are a part of the Recueil de Dialogues Lire, Rire, Réfléchir. When the students read about situations they live in, they identify with the characters who speak for, to and with them. And by so doing, the students become engaged, involved in the learning process and the teacher becomes a student also who will challenge the students to speak French, read, act and excell. This is the dream of every French teacher: to see the students laugh, learn and live the moments the characters experience.
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