Correspondance mot à mot - la rentrée (FRENCH Back to school 1:1 Correspondence)


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Do you need a fun new way to practice sight wordsdirectionality, and one-to-one correspondence during small group time with your French primary students? Why not throw in some French Back to School vocabulary practice, too? These French predictable sentences for "La rentrée" are sure to be just what you are looking for!

  This resource contains two different versions of two types of predictable sentence practice - worksheet and sentence strip.

 Worksheet Style:

Students will practice reading each sentence on the page. Each line contains the same or similar sight words and each sentence has the same structure, with the final word changing each line. As they read, have your students touch the apple below each word as they say it. This helps them learn that a word that you say = a word on the page (correspondance mot à mot)!

There are two worksheet style options - one with the School vocabulary word written + an image clue, and one with the image only. You decide which works best for which students!

 Sentence Strip Style:

Each sentence is also included sentence strip style! Cut apart the sentences, and decide if you want to laminate them (recommended for multiple uses). I prefer to hole punch each strip in the top left corner and place those I wish each student to practice on a binder ring. You can decide if you want to group sentences with the same structure, or mix them up as your students learn more and more sight words. You may want to keep these in the classroom for use at a literacy centre, or to send them home in your students’ reading bags.

 Included sentences:

➤ C'est un/une _______.

➤ C'est mon/ma ______.

➤ Voici mon/ma ______.

➤ Voici un/une ______.

➤ Regarde le/la/l' ______!

➤ Regarde les ______?

➤ Regarde mon/ma ______.

➤ Voici des ______.

➤ Je vois un ______. (shapes)

➤ Je vais à la/l'/au ______ .

Please note that this set of sentences has less variety and easier words that the other themes, because they are intended to be used at or near the beginning of the school year.

 Click on the preview above to see an example of each target sentence and the sight words practiced in this resource!

 This resource also includes flash cards for each sight word and each vocabulary image, allowing students to practice them in isolation, or to build their own sentences.


*As this is a Cliqueducation product, this download entitles the purchaser to use it in ONE classroom only.  Thank you so much for respecting my time and effort!*

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